Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo Album: Geneva, 1983

Two posts in a row featuring McDonald's!

I accompanied my father on a business trip to Geneva, Paris, and London in 1983, just after graduating from high school. Geneva is really a boring but beautiful city; it's Europe's San Diego, really. The above kiosk advertisement amused me greatly. If anything, it shows how my obsession with corporate marketing is nothing new.

The collage below (click for bigger) is more interesting: posters and graffiti I shot in search of Swiss subculture:

Sonic Youth were nobodies outside New York at this point; this must have been their first European tour. Note also the Bauhaus stencil and humorous "corrected" punk tag. Alors!

Also: remember those awful sticky-pages photo albums? 


Unknown said...

it's Europe's San Diego, really ~ Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Being a Sandy Eggo native I am curious. ;)

Peteykins said...

Sorry, Dusty, but I lived in San Diego for 17 years, and I considered it to be pretty but hopelessly boring.

Unknown said...

Aw shucks..sorry you didn't appreciate the finer points of, say..Ocean Beach m'dear.

Life moves much slower in San Diego than same-sized cities on the east coast, I will give you that. ;)