Friday, December 11, 2009

Book Shelf: Instapublishing, 1981

This is basically the early-80s version of a Tumblr blog, right? It took three people to write this book! And believe me, it's not because the contents belie genius brainstorming between the authors; they just wanted to get the book printed and on the shelves as quickly as possible, to strike while the fad-iron was hot.

Trust me when I say it isn't worth excerpting.

I was in high school when the Rubik's Cube hit. I wasn't into it. My friends and I loved mocking trendy junk like this; we collected, for instance, terrible/weird ET merchandise. We were, after all, hardened and cynical kids, like most born in the mid 60s. I'm pretty sure I bought this for 10¢ at Pic 'n' Save.


Diane Griffin said...

Best thing about the RUbik's Cube is that it plays a role in my favorite vampire novel 'Let The Right One In." If you must have one book about the cube, make it that one.

CLB said...

Dig the one-named co-author "Mahood"

Karen Zipdrive said...

I used to work with this insufferable dweeb who, after weeks of trying, finally worked out his Rubik's cube.
He jutted his chin out triumphantly, messed it up again and tossed it to me, saying, "Now YOU try it!"
As he left for the day, I simply peeled off all the little pips and stuck them on again in order.
I left it on his desk with a note that said, "I don't see what took you so long."