Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fashion Victim: Clammy, Marbled Shirt

Click for bigger.

The printing on this shirt is glorious: marbled tangerine and turquoise with touches of pink and red. Too bad the damn thing is almost totally unwearable.

I have several marbled shirts from the 60s/70s. These things were probably expensive new. Most of my marbled disco shirts, however, are polyester. This one, tragically, is made out of nylon... horrible, clammy nylon, so awful to wear that it makes the worst double-knits seem breezy by comparison. Tsk. I should probably cut it up to make pocket squares.


Diane Griffin said...

Beautiful & sunny!

Frank said...

I almost wish I were the kind of person who could pull something like this off. But then there's the fact that I'm not cool like you, Pete, and just think it's butt-ugly instead of ironically fabulous. *sigh*

Peteykins said...

Oooh, this is important: there's nothing ironic about my love for this shirt or, really, for anything else on this site. I think this shirt is gorgeous.

Frank said...

I hath been chastened. I most humbly apologize. I still maintain, though, that you're one of a special group of people who could actually pull this shirt off and show off its unironic gorgeousness. It's that lovely long, lean body of yours; it shows off clothes to perfection.